The Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund enters a new season

Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund
07.07.23 04:56 PM Comment(s)
Three years ago, the declaration of a pandemic saw community members, Indigenous leaders, and philanthropists from across Turtle Island come together to respond in a way that reinforced the innate resiliency of Indigenous Peoples through the establishment of the Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund (IPRF). 

Through the IPRF, over $10M in bundles has been provided to over 400 organizations and communities. These projects support health and well-being, food security, ceremony and culture, and youth engagement. All these projects are informed by a simple philosophy: Indigenous communities know what Indigenous communities need. 

Behind each bundle is a team of people at IPRF building bridges into communities. We are grateful for the care and commitment of the staff, the IPRF co-leaders Victoria Grant and Wanda Brascoupe, the Advisory Council and the many review committee members and partners for their work and dedication. 

Today, IPRF enters a new season. As the pandemic diminishes and the world adjusts, we are in a place of recovery and renewal. Going forward, IPRF is committed to enhancing the resilience of communities responding to unaddressed and long-standing needs. 

Last year, the IPRF Advisory Council, with support from Victoria Grant and Wanda Brascoupe, approved a leadership transition plan in recognition of this shift. This will allow for renewed energy and ideas from the community to chart the path forward. 

In the coming weeks, IPRF will begin the search for our next leader. Our relations have been central to building IPRF, and we welcome you to walk with us in these next steps and spread the word about this opportunity. 

As we transition, Bruce Miller, IPRF’s Partnership Lead, will be stepping into the role of Interim Lead at IPRF. Bruce has put relationships at the heart of his work with partners and community at IPRF, and we’re grateful for the thoughtful leadership he will continue to provide during this time. 

IPRF has been built with the hands and hearts of many. We are so grateful for the many contributions of Victoria Grant and Wanda Brascoupe, and of the IPRF Team, volunteers and partners who have walked together on this journey so far . We look forward to celebrating these many contributions with all of you this fall and looking toward a bright future for IPRF together.

Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund