The Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund is closed for the rest of 2023. Announcements will be made in Spring 2024.

Intake 31 applications will hear the week of December 11th: Decisions will be shared with Applicants.

We accept applications online, by fax, handwritten, video, or orally.

We’ve created an accessible, and easy application process. On this page, you will also find some key information and resources that will be helpful in your application. 

More information is available in the Applicant Guide. We strongly recommend that you read the Applicant Guide and other resources before applying. You can contact us if you have any questions. These materials are available in English, French, and Inuktitut. 

Please sign up for our email update e-list to hear about upcoming applications dates and timelines.


Full eligibility is available in the Applicant Guide. Briefly, any Indigenous-led organization working to foster resilience in Inuit, Metis and First Nations communities anywhere in Canada can apply for resiliency support from $5,000 to $30,000.

Ways to Apply

You can apply in English, French, Inuktitut and Cree. If you are comfortable, we suggest you use the online application portal. Contact us to submit a video or phone application.  Here are the four ways you can submit an application:

On the Phone

With a Video