IPRF Releases It's 2023 Annual Report

Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund
27.06.24 06:51 PM Comment(s)

Hear the voices of community in the 2023 Annual Report

When we share, we give wholeheartedly as part of who we are and our journey, thereby making a creative difference. When others share with us, they do the same. IPRF is sharing the cycles of receiving and giving as another year has passed. 

Our 2023 Annual Report centers on our traditional value of sharing. You will see and hear many people sharing, respecting and fostering resilience and self-reliance with all our relations just as they have all year. Community recipients, volunteers, partners and members of IPRF’s team are all essential to the work of IPRF by sharing themselves, not for themselves, but for holding up community first while increasing our collective understanding of our tradition of giving back, shifting power, and capital to community. Their time, stories and experiences ensure we remain centred around the fact that communities know what communities need. We are grateful for the unique perspectives that each person brings to how we collectively support Indigenous Peoples.

IPRF is honoured to connect the present contemporary forms of sharing, caring, giving, and making a creative difference in our past and our future. Sharing happens between us, with an abundance to give and a community to accept. It is reciprocal. We may speak in different languages, but the collection of our lived experiences shared and woven together shows the resilience, strength, and hope of Indigenous Peoples. We have been honoured to hear an abundance of ideas and solutions from Indigenous communities. On page 22, you’ll see what is ahead as we look to the next season of IPRF and think about how we continue to grow with Indigenous communities and their needs.

Whoever you may be, dear reader, thank you. 

Thank you for sharing your time with us and allowing us to share stories in return.

Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund