Announcement: APPLICATIONS OPEN April 7th!

Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund
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Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund (IPRF) recognizes that Indigenous communities and organizations, throughout the pandemic, met the urgent and critical needs of their communities with the assistance of the bundles provided to them by IPRF. As the pandemic diminishes, and the world adjusts, we are in a place of recovery and renewal. What lessons have we learned? What will we carry with us? What do we restore that was lost because of Covid?

Today and going forward, IPRF’s commitment is to enhance the “Resilience” of communities and organizations responding to the long-standing needs that were urgent prior to Covid-19 but were left unaddressed.

We continue to use our approach of 'money as medicine.' Keeping that in mind, IPRF reminds you to consider your customary way of living off the land, using the resources, taking only what you need, using all of what you take, and ensuring resources are left for those who follow you. We do this to provide support to as many communities as possible.IPRF respects that "community knows what community needs."

Support ranges from $5,000 to $30,000. 

Applied Before? Even if your organization has been successful before, you are welcome to submit your application.

IPRF accepts applications in many ways. You can submit online, by fax, in writing, video conferencing, submitting a video, or in honour of our oral traditions over the phone. Application + Application guidelines will be available in both English and French on April 7th, and the Inuktitut translation will follow. 

If you have ANY questions contact us by email at, or call (403) 797-0116, or General Inquires (613) 790-0230, by fax (613) 280-1553, or book a video/phone call. Service is also available in Cree, and French. For online information, please check out our website

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Within the relations of all – to live well.

Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund