Role: IPRF Team Lead - Operations & Systems


The Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund (IPRF) is looking for a Team Lead - Operations & Systems.

IPRF began with the emergence of the pandemic and has led to a more permanent fund.  IPRF’s foundation is built upon the resilience of and guided by Indigenous Peoples.  As we shift to long-term resources that build community resilience based on traditional knowledge and ways of being that emanate from lived experience.


  • Love  *  Humility  *  Kindness  *  Relationship

Guiding Principles:

  • Nimbleness: Keep it simple and quick in terms of the flow of funds

  • Adaptive: Iterate as this unfolds and not be concerned upfront with details

  • Collaborate: Invite others to join us in ways that make sense for them and maximize opportunities in supporting Indigenous communities

  • Transparency: Open, transparent, and communicative about our decision-making

  • Innovation and scale: Harness and amplify the innovations catalyzed through the resiliency fund for a broader impact

  • Community Safety

In the past two years, IPRF has tripled in staff size, has received charitable status, and has delivered support to Indigenous communities consistently through its Emergency program, while also investing in core technologies to help its current and future growth. 

From a technology perspective, it has developed a new multilingual website powered by a back-end office productivity suite, Zoho One. Zoho One has several integrated applications such as CRM (contact management), Forms, Survey, Campaigns, Books, plus others.

Heading into its fourth year of programming, IPRF is now seeking to recruit a new team member who can help current and prospective team members thrive in a virtual workplace environment. This individual will need to have a 360 degree view of the organization, combining their Cloud SaaS skills with an understanding of IPRF’s programming and the team’s internal processes and stakeholder engagement.

Candidate Profile

The Team Lead - Operations & Systems has a digital disposition and finds themself energized by working with technology systems to support IPRF’s mandate. The candidate has high aptitude with software, but need not be formally trained, as this work is regularly executed by an ‘accidental techie’. Being self-taught and developing skills on the job in software configuration and data management will serve a candidate well. 

The selected candidate needs to be legally eligible to work in Canada, and ready to join a fully virtual team. They need to be confident in their ability to work independently and manage their own time, while collaborating with other team members regularly online, and in person several times per year. This individual needs to have access to reliable internet service and a private workspace. They will be provided a mobile phone stipend and any required hardware and software. 

Special consideration will be given to Indigenous candidates. 

Role and Responsibilities

  • Form / survey configuration. Lead the configuration, testing and monitoring of regular and ad-hoc forms and/or surveys to prospective applicants, current investees, committee members and other external partners. 

  • Contact management. Add or update contact records, and where applicable modify fields, modules, and module page views in the CRM so the rest of the IPRF team can effectively do their work. This may include creating different user roles and permissions based on any confidential information that might be stored in one or more of IPRF’s core technologies

  • Newsletter administration. Working alongside the content developers, prepare and distribute email newsletters to the right audiences using tags, custom lists and/or segments to ensure high delivery rate

  • Systems administration and security. Provide timely onboarding and offboarding for internal and external users, ensuring no unauthorized access to documents or confidential information contained in one or more of IPRF’s technologies.

  • Adherence to OCAP principles and data equity. Lead IPRFs commitment to and investment in Ownership Control Access and Possession (OCAP) principles, and other data equity considerations. In doing so, also maintain and enhance IPRFs data model based on data/information inflows and outflows, system integrations, and key metrics for reporting. Formalize IPRF’s data management policies.

  • Reports and dashboards. Create standard reports and dashboards for staff usage, plus provide training and support for team members to modify existing ones.

  • Integrations and Automations. Comfortable configuring relational databases and other SaaS tools. Has a working understanding of automations and Integration-as-a-Service and is committed to leveraging automations where possible.

  • Documentation and Training Materials. Where there is agreed upon organizational workflows (e.g application intake, review committee meetings, etc), enhance or develop documentation and training materials for current and future IRPF team members. This may include process maps and ‘how-to’ guides that showcases how to best use IPRFs core technologies, specifically Zoho One applications such as CRM, Sites, Forms, Surveys, Books, Analytics, etc, as well as standardizing processes for selecting and implementing future tools.

  • Data Strategy. Has a working knowledge of the organization’s information and data strategy and is responsible for configuring and maintaining technology to facilitate the strategy.

  • Technology Roadmap. Responsible for building consensus and supporting the team around technology adoption, workflows, and connections as they supports the organization’s data model and program delivery 

  • Training and support. Act as a digital shepherd to assist team members and community stakeholders in their interactions with technology as part of their IPRF experience

  • Vendor Management. Collaborate with partners and third party contractors in relation to IPRF’s digital infrastructure 

Existing Technology & Infrastructure Landscape

This is a summary of IRPFs current key processes and/or volume of data/information that is collected. IRPF needs a detail oriented person to continually improve how work gets done:

  • Three or more languages for application forms, reports, newsletters and website

  • Multiple investment programs with multiple intake cycles per year, receiving 100’s of applications, generating 7000+ information points

  • Minimum of 10+ funded applications per cycle x 2 touch points per awarded grant x 5 questions = 1,200 information points

  • 2,000+ contacts / organizations in CRM

  • Bulk emails prepared and sent per year (analysis includes open rates, bounces, etc) 

  • Over three dozen community and other partners that receive outcome and result reports

  • Growing team operating almost exclusively from their homes in a predominately cloud technology environment


  • Demonstrated experience configuring and maintaining cloud-computing software applications (self-taught or otherwise)

  • Detail-oriented

  • Self-starter 

  • Excited by solving problems

  • Continuous learner

  • Able to teach and train team members with a variety of skill-levels

  • Able to successfully complete a configuration assignment during the interview process

Application Process

Applications are being accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Please complete this form and include the following materials: 

  1. Cover letter (PDF)

  2. Resumé (PDF), include LinkedIN if available

  3. Work example(s). Please provide an example of your work configuring cloud technology (e.g. link to portfolio, GitHub environment, visualization of a successful configuration, etc)