With the overwhelming response of submissions, one of the greatest challenges for our review teams, is to decide who receives support.  While many of the submissions are worthwhile and should be funded, the review teams make difficult decisions. 

The IPRF recognizes that each member comes from distinct peoples, communities and lived experiences. In the spirit of acknowledging our diverse backgrounds, the untapped brilliance of Nations, and our goals of shifting how to stand with and alongside Indigenous Peoples, we practice Principles of Brave Space.

  • be open to new ideas, new ways of thinking and feedback.

  • listen deeply and see new knowledge and understanding.

  • be curious and hold a willingness to have our minds changed.

  • bring awareness to our biases, assumptions, and judgments.

  • hold a space of trust and confidentiality.

  • focus on possibility and see obstacles as opportunities for learning. 

  • hold brave space for courageous conversations.

  • challenge ideas, not people. 

  • allow discomfort to lead your growth.

  • take accountability for your own learning.