The Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund is a bridge and a connector between partners and Indigenous communities. 

Advisory Council

The Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund is an Indigenous led organization governed by Indigenous values and teachings, accountable to Indigenous peoples. It is non-hierarchal. It works by consensus. It demands accountability of itself to the highest standards; recognizing the sacredness of the gift of trust extended to us by the communities we serve.


In its final report, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission urged that “Reconciliation must inspire Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples to transform Canadian society so that our children and grandchildren can live together in dignity, peace, and prosperity on these lands we now share” and further that “…reconciliation is about establishing and maintaining a mutually respectful relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in this country”.

The Team

IPRF sets out to support the brilliance and ingenuity in communities during a global pandemic with people who understood the community, each with their innate abilities and limitations. We worked from a place of inclusivity, calm and a respectful tone that focused on the mindfulness of our responsibility to the community and practicing it through philanthropy. We were taking our space to serve.

Project Stories

The Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund is funding projects across the communities of Turtle Island. We work alongside those projects to support their progress and impact in Indigenous communities.

Support Review Team

It is important to recognize East, South, North, West Committees and the Support Review Committee bring Indigenous philanthropic knowledge through their lived experiences and their current knowledge of this sector. These committees are part of the growth of Indigenous Peoples who are working in this space and will amplify and stand with existing and future Indigenous-led funds across this land we share.